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You've already got enough to do. Stop wasting time on reacting and get back to strategy.

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You don't have time for everything, so why are you trying?

Here's the deal: whatever you do, that's what you do. Strategy matters, the candidate experience matters, and so does transformation. You shouldn't have to relegate HR to being reactive. It's taking time from your greatest value. And it costs you. You need to get your time back at all costs.

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Introducing SMEMaker™

A Simple Platform for Micro-learning

SMEMaker™ is the hosted version of Tigris, our free and open source micro-learning solution. Don't spend days onboarding and re-training when you can put it all on SMEMaker!

SMEMaker & Tigris offer:

  • Internal training
  • Employee onboarding
  • Customer onboarding
  • On-demand training
  • Removing information silos
  • Companies who offer education
SMEMaker is the heart of our micro-learning software.

I've done work for

Acelity (formerly KCI), a medical device company in TexasTejon Ranch, a real estate/agribusiness in CaliforniaTissue Regenix, a UK-based medical device companyTissue Regenix, a UK-based medical device companyIBMBox, cloud file sharingRGB Projects, an ECM consultancy in Los AngelesPocketStable, a mobile horse dossier app